What should I pay attention to when repairing the Large inclination belt conveyor

2023-11-27 16:19:57

What should I pay attention to when repairing the Large inclination belt conveyor

Large inclination belt conveyor is suitable for large open -air ore, power plants, cement plants, and ports, and has the characteristics of large transmission capacity, small energy consumption, and easy maintenance. Due to improper use or conveyor belt accidents in the work, it will cause the skirt and tomber to tear or fall off, and replacement of the belt will increase production costs. You can reduce production costs by repairing the method of the conveyor belt, and repair the following points when reducing the production cost of the large inclination belt conveyor to tear or fall off:

1. Clean up the environmental hygiene at the scene, and clean up the skirt edges, glue buckets and the surface of the belt.

2. Use the polishing machine to be uniform and thin, and the bonding places such as the bonding of the belt and skirt are cleaned and cleaned, but the belt canvas layer or the hair can not appear uneven.

3. Before brushing glue, the adhesive agent attached to the agent will be mixed evenly in a certain proportion, so that the matching glue has no need to heat, heat resistance, heat resistance, aging and adhesion without heating, fixed pressurization when bonding and bonding. Features.

4. The coating coating of the large inclination belt conveyor should be powerful, and the coating is thin and uniform. If there is a belt canvas layer or other fiber fabric layers, or the glue particles are obviously falling off, it is necessary to brush three or more layers.

5. When the coating is dry to not sticking back, gradually pressing the side of the skirt or glue on the coating, and at the same time, use the hammer to knock in an orderly manner from the middle to the edges to exclude the internal air.

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