Industry application and characteristics of telescopic belt conveyor

2023-11-27 16:39:05

Industry application and characteristics of telescopic belt conveyor
The telescopic belt conveyor adds the telescopic mechanism to the ordinary band conveyor, so that the belt machine can be freely expanded in the length direction. The composition of the conveyor belt is used as a traction and bearing component to continuously transport loose materials or parts. The telescopic roller wire rotates from the motor to the synchronous band or the O -type zone, thereby driving the roller rotation to drive the box cargo to run forward. The powerless telescopic roller line and the Fulai wheel conveyor are driven by the container between the box cargo, and then drive the operation through external forces (human push, high and low gravity gravity.
Features of telescopic belt conveyor:
(1) Save space and high practicality.
(2) Simple operation (the user can adjust the length of the conveyor at any time according to his own requirements. In the model with an automatic lifting device, users can also control the height of the conveyor side at any time).
(3) greatly shortened the distance between manual round -trip transportation materials, shortened the loading and unloading time, reducing labor intensity, reducing the damage of goods, reducing the cost of loading and unloading, and improving work efficiency.
(4) The telescopic belt machine can run the transport material in two directions. The telescopic belt machine can be used with other conveying equipment and material sorting systems to achieve automated production of material access or vehicle loading and unloading, especially in the tobacco industry.
The telescopic belt machine is suitable for light industry, electronics, food, medicine, chemical, wood, packaging, detection, logistics, and other products.
(5) Run smoothly, and there is no relative movement between the material and the belt, which can avoid damage to the material.

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