Tubular Belt Conveyor

Tubular belt conveyor/tube conveyor/pipe conveyor is a transport equipme4nt used to roll the belt into a tube to pack the materials then transport them. Tubular belt conveyors are widely used in the power industry, coal industry, grain industry, mechanical industry, mining etc.

Compared with the standard belt conveyor , the tubu belt conveyor has some advantages such as:

1.It takes smaller space: max incline angle is 30, minimum tuning radius is 45m, it can save 60% space compares to the standard belt conveyor;

2.No system limitations and decreased transportation costs;

3.The closed transfer protects the material.

According to the customers’ needs, the tubu belt conveyor machine can realize the two -way transport material, that is, the upper tape transports the material from the tail to the head, and the lower tape transports the material from the head to the tail. This product is suitable for continuous transportation of scattered materials under various complex terrain conditions. The density of transporting material is generally 0.5 ~ 2.5T/m3, and a normal pipe conveyor belt is used. The working environment temperature is -25 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃. Special requirements such as cold -resistant, waterproof, anti -corrosion, explosion -proof, and flame retardant, the working environment temperature can reach -35 ° C ~ + 110 ° C. This product can be widely used in power transportation systems such as electric power, building materials, chemicals, mines, metallurgy, docks, ports, coal, food and other industries. The tube tube is a new type of band conveyor that is wrapped in a roller arranged by the cross section to the edges into a round tube -shaped to transport the material. It has the characteristics of cleaning and environmental protection, the transportation line can be flexibly arranged along the space curve, large conveying inclination, and the long -term single transportation distance of the single -single transportation under the conditions of complex terrain. The transportation stations), convenient installation and maintenance, safe and reliable operation, tape is not easy to run off. Our company can conduct on -site topography, system design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, after -sales service and other general contracting on site to provide users with full -process nanny -type services.

d tube/mm Width(mm) speed(m/s) Pulley diameter(mm) Roller diameter(mm) Max transportation(dmEx/mm)
150 600 1.8 1.0 500-630 50 63.5 30-50
1.25 1.6 76 89
2.0 2.5 108 133
3.15 4.0 159 194
4.5 5.0  
200 750   630-800   50-70
250 1000   630-800   70-90
300 1100   800-1000   90-100
350 1300   1000-1250   100-120
400 1600   1250-1400   120-150
500 1800   1250-1400   150-200
600 2200   1400-1600   200-250
700 2550   1600-1800   250-300
850 3100       300-400

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