TDY oil-cooled electric drum

2023-07-25 14:51:23

TDY oil-cooled electric drum is a new type of driving device matched with various fixed belt conveyors, bucket elevators, winches, etc. It adopts a planetary cycloid deceleration mechanism inside, so that the motor is exposed and directly connected to the drum. It has the advantages of large load capacity, strong overload capacity, stable transmission, low noise, long life, convenient use and maintenance, and reliable operation. It can meet all kinds of backstop, rubber bag and other requirements. The flameproof outer mounted electric drum is marked as dI, dIIAT4, dIIBT4. dI is suitable for mines with methane or coal dust, dIIAT4 is suitable for places where explosive hazardous mixtures of Group I and IIA T2-T4 exist, and dIIBT4 is suitable for places where explosive mixtures of Group I, IIA and IIB T2-T4 exist.

TDY oil-cooled electric drum is mainly the power transmission part of the conveyor and the main part of the belt conveyor. The single drum is mostly used on the conveyor with low power, such as coal mine ground transportation and coal preparation plant. Surfaces are available in bare bare steel, herringbone and diamond patterned rubber overlays. Bare bare steel surface can be used when the power is small, the bandwidth is small and the environment is dry. The herringbone pattern rubber surface has a large friction coefficient, good slip resistance and drainage, but it has directionality. The diamond-shaped rubber surface is used for conveyors running in both directions.

According to the production materials, the transmission drum can be divided into three types: steel plate rolled and welded, cast steel and cast iron. From the structural type, there are three types: assembled web type, spoke type and integral web type. In addition, the surface of the roller also has smooth surface, rubber-covered, cast rubber and other types; among them, the welding and assembly of steel plate cast rubber roller is widely used.

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